There were full of the cold-shoulder design on the runways before this summer started. Dior loves the dresses with straps, and some online boutique or other brands are stunned by the slanted shoulder design. We thought the trend of cold-shoulder design is very popular, and you thought that this style can be easily applied to yourself, but wait! You must understand what type of body shape you are before you start throwing on new clothes.


| Narrow Shoulders | Shoulder-width bigger than hip-width



Asian girls are usually smaller, and many have narrow shoulders too. You may look smaller with narrow shoulders, but when looking as a whole, sometimes the head looks much heavier than the body. The easiest solution is making the shoulders look more obvious by dressing up. If the shoulders look a bit wider then your head is not as big as before!
Showing a bigger area of shoulders can simplify balance the narrow shoulders. And showing the collarbones can create an effect of wider shoulders. Sums up everything above, the top solution is an off-the-shoulder design! With the off-the-shoulder design, narrow shoulders are far gone! All you can see is the sexy collarbone!


| Square Shoulders | Shoulder lines are flat, the downtilt angles smaller than 15 degrees



Compared to narrow shoulders and wide shoulders, square shoulders are less to worry about. You can try all the different cold-shoulder designs. The only thing is when wearing an off-the-shoulder top, your shoulders might look a bit too wide. In this case, you can try off-the-shoulder with a twist. The straps can divide the area of your shoulders, and make the look more balanced.


| Wide Shoulders | Hip width bigger than shoulder-width, shoulders are the windiest body part


We say that some clothes only can be worn by a big-boned. But if you don’t be careful, big bones can make you look really big. There are many tips for a big-boned girl, for example, a v-neck can create an effect of smaller shoulders.
If you wanna try the popular cold-shoulders design, you need to try the slanted shoulders shirt. This fashion design which can hide away your shoulders and arms must be designed for the wide-shoulders girls. You can even adjust to show the area that you wanna show. You don’t have to worry about wearing the same clothes as others, and you can say goodbye to the wide shoulders!
This kind of slanted-shoulders shirt is not too tight and also very flattering! It creates an effortless look, it’s even suitable to wear to work!

Have you recognized which kind of body shape you are? Even there are no rules for fashion, but it’s even better if you understand what suits your body shape better! You can save the money from only buying items that suit you. No matter if you have narrow shoulders, square shoulders, or wide shoulders, you can always be the best of you in all the summers!

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