When you are visiting Italy, many people schedule Milan for only one day, and they usually just go shopping all day. But for me, Milan is much more than that. Just talk a walk inside the city, you can find many nice little shops on random streets. The coffee shop that we are gonna introduce today, FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFÈ, is one of the shops that we found on our way. It’s small but warm, and full of surprises! Checking in the cafes became very popular these days, you can easily see so many people check-in at different cafes around the world. And each one is trying to be the one that is the most beautiful and unique.



FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFÈ is a cafe and also a flower laboratory. When you pass from the shop, you can see lots of flower decorations, you might just pass by and never find out it’s a cafe. Even it’s called caffé, but I think it’s also like a restaurant. The food they serve looks very delicious, and the platings are nice as well. But unfortunately, we arrived after the kitchen closed, so we only could order some desserts and drinks. Scroll down and see what we had in FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFÈ!


The cannelés on the counter caught my eyes when we were taking the order; they looked super delicious! Cannelé probably doesn’t have a look that as beautiful as other kinds of desserts, but it’s something that tastes better than it looks. Cannelé is a small French pastry with caramelized crust outside. The main ingredients are eggs, milk, and flour, and flavored with rum and vanilla. You can say that rum and vanilla is the soul of cannelé! The cannelés from FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFÈ taste solid and not too dry. Have it with a cup of Americano is just perfect!



Because the kitchen has closed, so we ordered so sliced seasonal fruit. They were surprisingly good. The plating is exquisite that we didn’t want to break it, and they serve with many different kinds of fruit. The clerk also told us that we can pick some snacks from the table next to us. It’s kind of like the breakfast buffet from hotels, you can pick whatever you want. The small sandwiches and croissants are very nice.



We ordered many different kinds of drinks that day, the one I really want to introduce to you is their tea. When the waiter took the tea on the table, all of us are stunned by how cute the tea bags are. The tea bag is in shape as a cone, and there’s a tea leaf on top of the tip. When it’s served in the cup, it just looks like a little tea lad floating on the surface. After tasting it, I found that it’s not only good looking but also taste very nice and smooth. We thought these cute shaped tea bags come from Europe, but it’s actually an American brand. And you can also order them online, so you don’t need to take a flight to taste them. Not only the tar is remarkable, but the coffee is also very nice! I’m used to drinking coffee without sugar, so when I took the first sip, I was a bit surprised. It’s not too sweet yet very nice. The coffee was served in a wine glass, I think if people see us from far must be thinking that we are having wine.


The first floor of the cafe is the space for people to enjoy their meals, they have a little workshop in the basement that you can also visit. If you are having a long day of shopping in Milan, and keen to find a place to sit down. Don’t forget FIORAIO BIANCHI CAFFÈ! You can have a cup of coffee, and some desserts, the area around here, Brera is also very worthy of exploring. Recommend this beautiful place to you!


Shop Information


Fioraio Bianchi Caffè

Via Montebello, 7 20121 Milano

+39 02 29014390

Mon - Sat 08:00-24:00 / Closed on Sundays

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