Remember the wacky and exaggerated Haute Couture by Viktor & Rolf that drove the whole fashion industry crazy at the beginning of this year? What has successfully attracted all the attention is definitely the series of Victorian dresses. On top of all the layered tulle and the delicate pleats and ruffles, labeled some hilarious grassroots slogans such as "No photos please", "I am not shy I just don’t like you", "I am my own Muse" etc.. The Haute Couture are originally regarded as a superb craftsmanship and a sense of distance to people, but now they have occupied Instagram layouts instantly with their high-level humor. The High & Low combination which is popular recently has been played out to a new level by this year’s Spring/Summer Haute Couture, everyone started posting all kinds of photoshopped pictures on their social media, homaging this interesting trend, showing the most direct and straight-forward murmurs that modern people suppress.

Viktor & Rolf have kept their unique bizarre style. Unlike most designers who pay more attention to the bad influences on society of social media, these two designers spotted the appearance from the usage of Instagram, of which they have noticed that the crowd prefer images more than descriptions nowadays. Viktor & Rolf let the virtual images break through the network and go onto the runway. Since we cannot stop the comparison and gossips between the communities, why not think another way and make some good use of the community languages to grasp the audience’s sight. Even if it is to be defined, it is exactly us who should be labeling ourselves!




(CREDIT: Vogue)



#The Justice Warrior

Remember Wonder Women Diana? The DC superhero who wants to defend world peace. This "Justice Warrior" sweater is inspired by the character from the color matching to the slogan! We hope that you would feel the same power right when you put the sweater on in the morning, and regretlessly defend the value that you feel is right just like Diana.


#The Game Changer

This buzzword often appears in advertisements or sports events, literal translation means someone who changes the rules of the game. Imagine someone with an innovative style who is creating a new era in the market. He/she will be leading a new trend and be the pioneer of heading a new direction. When it comes to the moment of truth, are you a Game Changer?




The most ironic piece in the entire collection! In terms of color, it is homaging the recent hot trend of the brand uniform tee. In addition to the international express brand –DHL’s signature yellow and red, we choose “Dryer Hopelessly Lost” as the subtitle, the complete opposite to the brand of express courier “Express Delivery Worldwide Just As You Wish” image reinterpreting the brand spirit with a funky sense.


#The System Destroyer

A "System Destroyer" might sound negative and ungregarious by instinct, but it actually reflects the interesting feature of the language. The system is often seen as a criterion for maintaining order, but it can also be used to represent a rigid and unconventional organization. At this time, a “System Destroyer” is needed to bring some sparkle into the situation. Have the courage to be different, because that is how you create a new era for yourself.



#The Economy Pusher

There are many ways of blooming the economic, but the one way that most women are good at is shopping! We use the "Economy Pusher" to mock ourselves and use it as an excuse for another “accidentally” crazy shopping. After all, shopaholic does not sound very good, and since shopping is a nature, let’s just live with it and push the economy a bit then!



#The Secret Keeper

"I’m going to tell you a secret but you can’t tell anyone else!" Doesn’t it sound familiar? It is basically the gambit of gossiping. Sharing secrets between friends is like drinking, it is pleasant within a reasonable amount, and anything more than that could be harmful. It is not easy for someone to show their most embarrassing selves to you, so don't ruin the trust for some gossip pleasure. A good friend must also be a Secret Keeper at the same time!



#GYM Photographer

The inspiration for this phrase is actually the gym selfies all over Instagram. People seem to have forgotten how to focus on whatever they are working on and not taking selfies at the same time in the modern days where smartphones are necessary for nearly every occasions. People HAVE to post something even when they’re sweaty exercising. We couldn’t help but think: do we then go to the gym for exercise? Or do we go to the gym to show the world that we’re exercising? The next time you stand on the treadmill and about to take a selfie, Gym Photographers, think twice~



#Cat Person

Cats and dogs are the two most common animals in our daily lives. Because the nature of the two animals is very different, we often use dog lovers or cat lovers as define of personalities in the chats. People who love cats are usually more adept at observing and are more independent. They are like cats, the others are always wanting to get closer to them, yet fear of being hurt. They are good at playing with the beauty of distance, they are the cute and charming villains!

When it comes to social media, we may subconsciously think of the disorderly hate speech, anonymous defame and cyberbullying. These are indeed something that relies on all network users’ attention and self-discipline to make changes to the current situation. However, these platforms are not completely negative. Many people also pass on some relaxed and pleasant languages, pictures of cute animals, and some fascinating elements. These humorous words may become a salvation of a bad day for others, or the inspiration of a designer's entire series. Don't spit out words no matter you are online or in real life, wear the JENDES fun knit series with us to infect the world with humor!

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