Shanghai 1943 上海一九四三


Old neighborhoods and narrow alleys, all those scenes that belong to the memories of that era can only be seen in movies and dramas now. We intended to add this specific song to the project, revisiting Shanghai in 1943 with everyone. Although the red brick houses of Dadaocheng(大稻埕) is not exactly the same as the glory of that era, it’s not difficult to sense the atmosphere of 1943 Shanghai walking along the streets there!

What to wear: The oversized movie-styled denim jacket covering a long knit top opens a new chapter for double loose outfits. This outfit has a soft feeling of a girl wearing her boyfriend's clothes, it’s also a soul match of a youthful split White Denim Skirt. It matches perfectly with or without the jacket!



A Dandelion’s Promise蒲公英的約定


Do the song “A Dandelion’s Promise” reminds you of anyone? That someone who always awaits in your youth memories, that bitter and sweet feelings every time you think about him/her. You still remember the stadium, the playground, and the classrooms where you share some sweetness, but you agreed with yourself to leave that person back in time and make him/her the best memory.

What to wear: 2019’s most fashionable Bermuda shorts and the Wide Strap Checkered Top perfectly blends the upper and lower body so that you will look more proportioned. The close-fitting Bermuda shorts and a pair of fierce black boots to strengthen your physicality, finally, put on an oversized denim jacket and the show is on!



Grandpa’s Tea 爺爺泡的茶


How long haven’t you been spending some quality time with grandparents? They’re always the ones who spoil us, take us to the park and buy us treats behind mom and dad’s back, they’re one of the biggest reasons we grow up happily. Come join our shooting for the song “Grandpa’s Tea” in Zhen-Fa Herb Tea Shop (正發青草舖), Dadaocheng (大稻埕). The shop is owned by a grandpa, however, he has already gone to rest on the day of our shooting, unfortunately. The herb tea of Zheng-Fa is very smooth and delicious, we highly recommend everyone to pay a visit here!

What to wear: August's hot-selling Mesh See-Through Top and the director's choice- Asymmetric Ruffle Denim Skirt form a lightweight sense of elegance together. The outfit can never be better with a cup of ice-cool herb tea in hand!



Love Confession 告白氣球


There are always endless fantasies and worries before you confess your feeling to your special one. The part of wondering how he/she is going to reply is always tense and sweet. You bought his/her favorite cake and balloons and ready to give the special one a big surprise when he/she arrives and tell that person how you feel about him/her! This song is also a popular choice that everyone leaves positive comments under the director's facebook posts, definitely the one song that you can’t miss!

What to wear: Romantic gauze skirts match perfectly with denim shorts. The dreamy yet cute bottom and a Pink Check Bowknot Shoulder Strap Top is the director’s choice. The sweet and adorable shoulder knot design ables the length of the strap adjusted, or be quickly removed at some key moments!


Did you only realize the music has stopped playing five seconds after? The reason why the memories are beautiful is that they have kept the sweetness in the past, seemingly reachable but actually a distance away. It is also because of that, it gives everyone an unforgettable lingering. Now we have walked you through the good old memories through eight classic hit songs and with different denim items. We do hope that this project reminds everyone of something special for themselves, after that, put them back into your treasure box and face all the coming challenges with the power that you gain from your good old memories!

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