We got lots of feedback after we posted the last article about République. We also got so many messages from the people that wanna go and enjoy the afternoon tea asking about the desserts or other food they serve in République. So we took the mission and now we are gonna tell you about the desserts and beverages in République! Let’s see!



Belgian Waffle
Grist and toll stone-milled flour, pudwill farms berries

This dish was so popular among all the female coworkers when it was served on the table. Fresh strawberries on top of hot waffles! The sweet aroma makes people mouth watering. They use the local grist and roll stone milled flour for the waffle. You can taste the flavor of the grains and the texture. And the strawberries are from local farms in LA as well. They smell so sweet and also taste delicious! You can tell how good it is just by one bite!


Austrian Pancakes
Pudwill farms berries, maple butter

When we asked them what’s the most popular dessert in the shop, they pointed at Austrian Pancakes without any hesitation. Talking about the history of Austrian Pancakes, there are many different stories. One of them is the empire of Austria was on a hunting trip. He was supposed to try the famous local pancakes, but there were not enough ingredients so the chef just made these pancakes with whatever he had. And the pancakes met the empire’s approval. It’s also called Emperor's Mess.
The pancakes from République are a bit different from the original version. It’s not shredded, it’s made of the batter with flour and berries and cooked into big pieces. Hot and soft pancakes, berries, and maple butter are the best match. The aroma, the sweetness, and the sourness are all together. Without a doubt that this dish is the most popular dish of République. If you try to google “Austrian Pancakes,” you will see République in the first 3 related keywords!



Blackberry Banana Smoothie
Pineapple, banana, dates, berries, orange juice, coconut cream

The smoothies are also one of the most popular items they sell. We didn’t know what flavor to choose in the beginning. And the clerk told us Blackberry Banana Smoothie is the best seller. After the first sip, I totally understood why it’s the best one. The sour taste and the sweetness make such amazing flavor. It’s the taste that you can’t say no to! The smoothie is based on banana and strawberries. They added some sourness with pineapple and orange juice. The dates and coconuts cream take the smoothies to another level, much creamy and thick. It’s gonna make you addicted to it!



Are you a person that always need some desserts to finish the meal? I hope you all enjoy the desserts and smoothies that we introduce today. République is in a building that looks kinda like a European castle. And there’s a private space inside that you can enjoy your food like a princess. I picked the vintage yet elegant outfit that fits this atmosphere. The suit jacket and the fishtail skirt blend well in République, don’t they?

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