Every once in a while a trend comes along or comes back. We never imagined that runner sneakers from the 90s would come back to the spotlight and become one of the shoes that all the supermodels wearing in the street snaps.
Balenciaga is the pioneer of dad sneakers. The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, came out with Triple S, the trainers of the 80s-90s style, during the autumn-winter collection of 2017. They feature the collage vamp and thick rubber sole. Even they look heavy and ugly; people are crazy about them when the new ones coming out every season. The special trend of ugly sneakers keeps burning from the end of 2017 and it doesn’t seem like to finish.



The popular Triple S from Balenciaga


How to Nail the Dad Sneakers and not Looking like a Dad

Some people say that fashion goes like a loop. When the trends from the 90s coming back to the stage, even the sneakers that once be called ugly and lame can be a shiny star that makes people cherish. Things that used to be disliked turned into the beautiful creation of nostalgia and vintage.
Some others also say that in the fashion world, the designers are not just present the beauty from their points of view on the clothes, sometimes making innovation or reflecting the society can bring more significant impact to the design.



The popular Triple S from Balenciaga


The “ugliness” of dad sneakers can go with both theories above. Its lame and heavy look is challenging the usual definition of beauty. When more and more famous and powerful women putting on dad sneakers instead of high heels, don’t you think the choice they made between different shoes may be related to political issues? The conflicting and forward way to dress can be seen as a special presentation of autonomy for women’s bodies.





Perfection is Too Boring, Why Not Be Ugly?

The legendary designer form Prada, Miuccia Prada, once said in an interview “Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer.” Her words just perfectly suit the occasion of dad sneakers. Beauty in the traditional value only presents the idea of visual delights but misses the lust and imagination.
I’d rather say that fashion is presenting yourself than being the sum of beauty. Keeping trying on new things is much more interesting than being perfect. There are a lot of famous brands that follow the steps of Balenciaga to launch their dad sneakers, also many high street sports brands following the trend this year. So let’s take a look at our wardrobe and find something interesting to mix and match with the ugly dad sneakers!

You will find that the thick sole of dad sneakers makes you look a bit a taller. It’s quite a bonus. Pairing with skinny jeans and show a bit your ankles, or a little dress can both make your legs look super long.



When you need something to boost up your usual outfits, try the dad sneakers! The conflicting combination will make you look 5 years younger. It shows not only that you’re following the top trends, but also tag you as a person who is brave enough to try new things and enjoy.

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