2018 is almost coming to the end. Have you put on the color of the year? Pantone has announced the color Ultra Violet as the color of the year 2018. Ultra Violet is very different from the colors of years before, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Laurie Pressman, vice-president of the Pantone Colour Institute, said: “From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”



Ultra Violet is the mixture of two colors, red and blue which come from completely different hues. Ultra Violet is made of two different and conflicting colors just like the year 2018, it’s truly a reflection of our world. But seems like the color Ultra Violet is not so easy for people to wear as their outfits. So we are here to tell you the story about this color. We are going to uncover the emotions and meanings behind Ultra Violet by introducing the person or work that features the color purple. Maybe you can resonate with Ultra Violet after understanding more about it.


Purple is Mysterious, Abstruse, and Excitatory

James Turrell is an artist primarily concerned with Light and Space. He used lights to interact with human visual and body to create illusions of space, many of his works gave people a sensory explosion. And the mysterious purple lights also appeared in his works a lot. “The Light Inside” from 1999 turned the walls of the tunnel into vessels for conducting light. When the visitors walked into the tunnel, they were not in our world anymore. They were on the way to the unknown outer space, and a brand new universe beyond sensations.


(CREDIT: Mabry Campbell’s Behance website)

Purple is Progressive, Experimental, and Future

In sci-fi movies, purple light is the symbol of endless energy that is capable of creating a brand new phase. In art and performance aspect, the legendary artist who can rule the color purple is David Bowie. David Bowie not only brought lots of inspiration of music to the audience but also performed as a visual delight every time when he went on the stage. He used the color red and purple to break the stereotype of gender, and played with different colors to show the love and lust. His work is very intense and unique. It might be psychedelic, progressive, rebellious, neutral or offensive to you. David Bowie presented himself with strong sensory performance to deliver the idea of the lust of our society to the audience. His works and performances are still very influential to us nowadays. The energy of the purple light keeps giving new inspirations to the people, and it will never stop.




(CREDIT: Mick Rock 2016)


Purple is Teasing, Romantic, and Imaginative

If you are familiar with fashion brands, you may associate the color violet with the brand, Anna Sui. Their sweet and mysterious perfumes are one of the products that are so popular for the girls.
In Anna Sui’s visual campaign, there is always a model who looks like the elf in the dreamy background. The keynote is the purple tone. It feels like you can “smell” the perfume from the visual campaign. The color Ultra Violet successfully brings out the mystery of the perfume.


(CREDIT: Anna Sui Website)


(CREDIT: Anna Sui Website)


Fashion is fearless and also innovative. Many international brands want to use the color Ultra Violet for their products. And Gucci is one of the brands that catch people’s attention by its luxury but a tad weird style. Their creative director Alexander Michele applied all the traits of purple to the whole collection and created a mysterious and progressive show that reminds people of the circus. The color purple caught the eyeballs straight away and also caused an explosion of Ultra Violet.


The color purple is complicated. It’s not necessary for everyone to jump into this trend. But you can try to understand it a bit more about the reflection of society and emotions behind it by reading the stories from different aspects. Perhaps you will find that you’re actually kind of “purple.” You can always break your rules and embrace new styles. I believe by choosing the items that suit your personality, everyone can wear the color of the year 2018 Ultra Violet.

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