Do you know that even it’s 2019, the Scottish men still wear their traditional “Tartan” to weddings, funerals or traditional sports events? Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.


The Scottish National Football Team launched their official tartan in 2017 so that their fans can wear the tartan to the important life events. (CREDIT:Scottish FA wevsite)

Tracking back the history of Tartan to the Scottish Highlands in the 12th and 13th centuries, all the different kinds of plaids have their own names. They carry the culture and history of Scotland. Tartan is the iconic clothes for the nobility. During the 16th century, there were already more than 180 kinds of different plaids. All the prominent family has their own plaid. People could easily tell which family are they from by the plaid they wear. So some people even call the plaid “The pattern of nobility.”

The popularity of tartan was greatly increased by the royal visit of George IV to Edinburgh in 1822. Tartan transformed into the clothes that not only the nobility can wear, and became one of the most popular items for the last two years. Scott and the Celtic Society urged Scots to attend festivities "all plaided and plumed in their tartan array".
If talking about the influential person in recent years, it would be Vivienne Westwood. She applied Royal Stewart Tartan into a pair of tight pants with lots of chains on them. The outfit and her punk style makeup created a very conflicting look. The traditional Tartan surprisingly made a great match with the punk style.


Vivienne Westwood (the one on the right) has her crazy blond hair, punk style makeup, and Royal Stewart Tartan Suit in the 1970s. (CREDIT: Fairchild Archive)


Miley Cyrus was captured on the street wearing Tartan Plaid Jacket from Vivienne Westwood. The outfit still looks sharp even it’s 40 years old. (CREDIT: Star Style)


In 2006, Sarah Jessica Parker attended Met Gala Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion with the legendary designer Alexander McQueen. Parker wore custom Alexander McQueen to the Met Gala. The costume combined the traditional and the modern, it also made plaid became the chameleon of fashion. (CREDIT: AP IMAGES)

Her pioneering work was sensational to punk culture, and also changed the status of plaid in the fashion industry. Many designers were inspired. Plaid became the iconic clothes of punk, and nowadays, it also appears in hip-hop culture, street trendy brands, and even Haute Couture. Everyone gotta have plaid in their wardrobe!

The 90s Good Girl Kinda Plaid is Back

There was a big comeback of plaid in 2018 winter. All the different brands designed their clothes with preppy style and plaid. Can’t help but make me think of Cher from YA in the 90s, and her various outfits.

Cher wore the plaid skirt suit set in Clueless for her playful college life. (CREDIT: Clueless Movie)


Cher wore the plaid skirt suit set in Clueless for her playful college life.
(CREDIT: Clueless Movie)


These outfits are inspired by Clueless, and also pay tribute to it. From the left to the right: Sara Battaglia, Matthew Adams Dolan, Versace, Nicopanda and Michael Kors.
(CREDIT: @sarabattaglia / Instagram, Imaxtree)

They used bright colors on her outfits in the movie in order to show her bubbly character. If you would like some similar outfits but more practical for your daily life, here are some options you can choose from.



The earth color tone is nice for the autumn-winter seasons. With the slim fit and the umbrella cut, you can wear it by itself or as a suit set and don’t need to worry about the plaid may make you look old.


Apart from the popular preppy style suit set, adding some flares to the plaid makes a new style with intellectuality. Plaid makes the umbrella dress a bit less romantic and adds virility to the look.





The grey scale plaid is a very nice material for harem pants. We added some orange lines to create a lively look. It can make your outfits update to a higher level. Throw on a T-shirt or a sweater and make your own British gentlemen style!


The Classic Coats that You Can Never Get Bored With

Plaid coats are one of the items that never disappear in the fashion industry. You can see them every winter and no one ever get bored with it.


You can see plaid coats in every autumn-winter collection, but each year, the designers create different looks by adjusting the silhouette, the length, the pattern, and what to match.
(CREDIT: Vogue)


High fashion brands usually carry the mission to create the brand new clothes. So they always have a lot of space to adjust the details of an item. But for our daily wears, we focus on the functionality and practicality. For the fast fashion brands, they choose to do some tiny changes on the details for the classic plaid coats.

Unlike the black coats that you see on the street, we chose dark navy blue for the base. And we used the smaller black plaid which is not common to see on the market. When you see from far, it looks like a one-tone coat. And when you take a closer look, you can see all the details. Isn’t it a decent surprise?



Apart from adjusting the size or the color of plaid, the fabric is another way to create a brand new look of the plaid coat. This coat is made of wool. The wool creates the visual effects which make the plaid look like it’s painted.



The plaid cardigan is a very classic item. But it seems to be boring if we make a cardigan with black and yellow plaid. So we took Vivienne Westwood as an example and tried to break the stereotypes like what she did. We extended the back hem and made it into a vintage yet fashionable cardigan-coat.

After knowing 400 years history of plaid, you will find out that worrying about being out of fashion with plaid is just much ado about nothing. Plaid is not only the iconic clothes of Scotland but also the footnotes of different ages of fashion. You can show your own charm by wearing the traditional plaid if you dare to implant, to deconstruct, to combine, and to create!

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