We are experiencing unprecedented chaos during these extraordinary times. The emotions from people’s minds in this modern world seem to be lonelier especially when everyone needs to limit themselves for epidemic prevention.


The basic rules in various fields are broken one after another when people face the world which is rapidly mutating due to the pandemic. Life and death have never been so close to us, as if at home, between the breaths. The disordered world affects our mental health, and at this time, what we need is a strong mind. We can adjust our short-term plans, maybe cancel the plans for the second half of the year, living through our daily life is the most important. We should enjoy grocery shopping, eat well, exercise, take time to rest, and take good care of ourselves.

The key to a good life is to take care of details and enjoy the fun of little things. During the pandemic prevention, the time we spend outside is mostly working and then buying the necessities. Therefore, we shot for JENDES in the traditional market performing several styles of grocery shopping to demonstrate the true meaning of a good life for you.


Persona One: Someone who likes flower arrangement and cooking, and recently started learning ceramics.

You can expose the collarbone and the waist slightly with the slim-fit knit top featuring the large natural-draped collar. This top is the key to your effortless look. For the bottom, you can choose a pair of wide legs. Or you can match the top like us, with a pencil skirt featuring designed tailoring, to give a sense of playfulness into the gentle look.





Persona Two: An Iron Lady who likes to cook after work (also drink wine!)

This plaid suit and the traditional market make an interesting contrast. Such a drop makes the style of the outfit more attractive and fascinating. The office lady style dress has thin shoulder straps and square collars which make the piece very French. And the oversized blazer jacket sharpens up the look and brings it to a balance to fit it better to the persona.





Persona Three: A girl who goes to the gym three times a week and sees body shaping as her daily routine.

The kitted suit is available in two colors, and its silhouette is simple and flattering. There is no unnecessary extravagant design, we are hoping whoever wears this can show her body lines. Although it’s in a slim fit, it’s still very comfortable with the fabric. Your body can be gently wrapped up no matter what shape you are. Pairing with shoes of the same color as the pants can cleverly make your legs look longer!




To complete this set of shooting, we went to the market with the model. We were a bit worried that it would be awkward. And we didn’t expect that everyone who works there is very enthusiastic. What to wear is not an issue at all, it’s more important to communicate and understand each other. We realized through this experience that fashion is not far from our life. As long as you know how to play with it, anywhere can be your stage. The fast-changing world often makes people unable to adapt. If you can learn to cherish every fine moment and strengthen your mind, you will be able to enjoy the sudden loneliness. We can see this as the earth gives us the opportunity to make up what we have lost from catching up with the high-paced world. Enjoy your alone time of cooking!

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