Have you heard of Glamping, the luxury camping trip which is all the rage around the world? Glamping is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping". It’s a convenient camping style that suits urban people. Rewriting the image of camping’s difficulties in the past, Glamping emphasizes comfort and beauty on the equipment, and the activities are softer, and people focus more on the atmosphere. There are even five-star hotels launching hotel-serviced campers, completely hitting the editor like me who usually works and stares at the computer for 12 hours. I’m too lazy to get close to the green, but this kind of camping saves all the hassle. It’s like escaping from reality and searching for adventure. It’s the perfect getaway for the 21st-century urbane who occasionally yearns for nature.


Blend into Natural with Knitwears on Neutral Tone


#Glamping has not only the calm atmosphere, taking beautiful photos is another charming feature it has. Although it is an outdoor event, don't forget to inject “Glam” into this special journey! Recently, such naughty weather with a large temperature difference in the morning and the evening, T-shirts and hoodies are too uninspiring and such a hassle to wear. A set of knitwear with a neutral tone can intelligently perform the effortless chic.




The warm nude tone goes well with the wooden furniture on the campsite so that the photo you take will not become an unbalanced landscape on IG. When the sun is strong, you can take off your jacket and tie it around your waist to create a casual look. The dangling sleeves make it more relaxed and casual, a perfect interpretation of the vacation vibe.



If you want to keep your femininity in the sense of leisure when hanging out with the person you like, this two-piece baby blue knitted set is definitely the first choice! It exudes a soft and comfortable atmosphere in the color tone and your beautiful curves are perfectly outlined. The elastic material allows you to still run and play on the grass, and have fun! In addition, the cropped V-neck design allows people to slightly reveal the clavicle and waist skin, the natural little sexiness attracts people more.






When the sky goes dark, the temperature will slowly drop. At this moment, put on the forest green knitted suit set. The thickness is moderate and the coverage is just right. It’s perfect to create drowsiness for the body which had been showered in Mother Nature. No need to get changed while you wake up, just be lazy and step out of your camper van for an outdoor brunch straight away.




Frame Your Travel Shooting with Some Props


Apart from using different materials to increase the level of your outfits, there are also some small props that can greatly enhance the quality of your travel photography. The luxury camp is different from ordinary camping. The equipment is not as simple. Often, the interior design of the camper is fresh and comfortable, and there are many decorative objects outside the camper. It is a special outdoor activity that combines both physical and mental experience.

Don't just stand still and make the peace gesture, step on the bike provided by the campsite to make your photos more dynamic.





The setup for the picnic is also a piece of knowledge. You can bring rattan baskets and wooden boxes that have a sense of vacation to hold food. Changing the container can immediately change the atmosphere.




In addition, you must take the classic photos sitting in front of the camper, so you must do your homework on the Internet to find a good looking camper before booking! The campsite of Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi provides hotel-style service which makes you enjoy the holiday atmosphere perfectly.

Longing for the simple experience of being surrounded by mountains and away from the crowds? Do you not want to bother to prepare? No planning, no brainstorming, just bring a suitcase of JENDES’ soft knitted outfits and you can go and embrace nature!

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