When talking about tulle dress, some people might say it’s not their style, they are not that kind of girly girl. But “girly” is not the only way to describe a tulle dress! We should break the stereotypes and explore new possibilities for them. We can easily find tulle dresses from the little brands to famous international brands recently. It’s the milestone of the textile industry and also the dreamy item that is almost unreal. This time, we are gonna find out the highlights of tulle and mesh from social media, and figure out the new styles! Break the misunderstanding! Tulle dress is actually a fabulous item for mix and match!


#1 Adding Accessories with Your Own Style






Tulle is definitely one of the elements that the first female director of Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri can’t live without on her design. Different from the male designers, Maria always creates new looks of the ones that have already become rigid. On Dior 2019 Resort, Maria added some accessories with a strong personality to the tulle dresses, such as wide brim cowboy hat, and corset belt.


(CREDIT: Molly Goddard Website )


(CREDIT: Molly Goddard Website )


Are you not the kind of person that likes to wear accessories? That’s fine! We can take Goddard’s lookbook as a reference. Molly matched a top with the pictures of British street culture with a tulle dress. Her collections are centered around brightly-colored tulle dresses and tutus. And the top inside adds some personality to the sweet girly look.


#2 Different Fabrics and Casual



There are many mesh items on the market at the moment. As well as JENDES has launched two mesh items this month! To make a casual look, we designed it with a bomber jacket silhouette. The lantern sleeves match well with the look. And it’s an item that you can easily match with.

We mixed another item with denim and mesh. The two very different fabrics created a unique and stylish item. The lapel design makes the look sharp. And it also has a vintage style similar to the ’60s and the ’70s.


#3 Matching with a Special Footwear


(CREDIT: TV Show Killing Eve / Molly Goddard Website )


(CREDIT: Killing Eve )

(CREDIT: Molly Goddard Website )


During the first season of Killing Eve, the outfits of the killer Villanelle was one of the most popular issues that people talked about. In one episode, Villanelle was wearing a pink dress from the British brand Molly Goddard, and matching with a pair of boots from Balenciaga. It created a conflicting but interesting look. The look also matched the personality of Villanelle, she’s sometimes innocent and sometimes cruel.



Director Jen usually dresses in a cool and trendy style in private. When she wears the lantern sleeves items, she usually matches them with dad sneakers or mules to balance the look from being too girly. At the same time, she wears what she likes even if it's different from the mainstream so that she keeps the manner of herself in her outfits.




(CREDIT: Molly Goddard Website )

There is a brand getting more and more popular because of its signature girly tulle dresses, and a brand new style that created from minimalism and luxury. It’s Cecilie Bahnsen from Denmark. The most interesting thing about this brand is that you can see the creativity from the Nordic on its runway. They had the models wearing beautiful dresses but had them matched the dresses with hiking sandals. The footwear made the whole collection brighten up with a casual atmosphere.

Girly girl style is nothing bad, we just wanna show you that the fabric tulle can be more than that. To change the style, all you need to do is taking care of the details, such as pairing them with accessories, choosing the items with unique style, or matching them up with different shoes. After all, the more important thing is that you are not just following the trend like a blind, you keep a part of yourself in your outfits.

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