At the beginning of this year, there were many inconveniences in life due to the impact of the epidemic.
Many people are panicking because they are forced to stay home. Having nothing to do also stresses people out during this time.
David Hockney, a well-known British artist, is sending positive energy through the official Instagram account of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to ask people to hold up against the global epidemic.

He posted his own painting of daffodils and captioned “Do remember they can’t cancel the spring.” - David Hockney


We can’t go on the trip aboard as we planned. We can’t have dinner with our friends as often as we used to. And the package we ordered from overseas can not arrive as scheduled. But don’t forget that the flowers on the hills or at the street corners are still blooming on time as usual. Spring will not be late, and we should not be discouraged.
Recently we have noticed that more and more people started to work from home, and also schools are giving lessons online. Facing the sudden work-at-home and self-study, some people stated that there was no one to urge them, the work hours were out of order, and the self-control was completely out of tune.
In fact, to face such a situation, there is a simple way to help you change your mentality into an efficient work mode, that is, after getting up, brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower, and then DRESS UP!


Keep Yourself Warm For The Best Health





When working at home, you inevitably do not want to be as constrained as working in the office. At this time, a stylish and soft knitted suit is the perfect home uniform. You can choose an item that has a low-key and gentle hue, and contains details of tailoring. It will not be too casual and burdensome to wear. The comfortable materials with a tone of skin can relax the eyes that focus on the computer and relieve the tension caused by the epidemic. No matter you are sitting, standing, or occasionally going to bed to be lazy, you don't have to worry about getting cold because of the spring weather.


Sit Upright To Keep Yourself Going





Without the eyes of colleagues, people who work from home suddenly start to sit improperly, or should I say that they have returned to their truest self? Humpback, crossed legs, or use the computer lying on their side. Improper posture is not only harmful to the body, but it is also more likely to make the whole person decadent, and greatly reduce efficiency! If you are easily transformed into a mollusk at home, we recommend that you put on a slim-fit knitted suit to change your status from the outside to the inside. When we put on beautiful clothes that show the curve of our body, we will unconsciously raise our heads and adjust our posture. The shoulders are straightened and the lower abdomen will be pushed in. The muscles of the body are consciously working, and you can also concentrate more.




There seems to be a bad state, maybe it is an opportunity to lead us to another better road. Rather than rebelling against the current status, it is better to take advantage of this time spent at home to practice something that you normally don’t have time to do. Like learning how to leave a blank space between work, getting along with yourself, cultivating new interests, or rethinking the relationship with people who live around you. Although you are locked down physically, as long as you remain curious and continue to think, your heart can always be free! Come on, we can face the full of trials but still hopeful spring together!

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