I love watching movies. I used to like it because it’s one of the entertainments can take me away from reality and get me fully relaxed. After I stepped into the film industry, I understand the hard work behind the screen, and I like movies even more than before. There’s one thing I think it’s as important as the plot for movies, the modeling. A lot of movies has amazing modeling and styles, it makes them stand out from the others. One of my favorites is The Great Gatsby.




The 1920s Fashion Trend during WW1

Costumes in films are not simply about the aesthetics, they have a more important mission. The costumes should be able to reflect the timeline, the culture and the social-economical background of the story setting. The Great Gatsby is based on the film of the same name, it follows the life and times of millionaire Jay Gatsby, and the romance of he and Daisy Buchanan. During the 1920s, when the Great War just finished, women clothing started an innovation. Because of the needs of working and socializing, women wore the clothes with a wide silhouette. Besides that, the bob became one of the most popular hairstyles. Printed headbands and crystal headdresses accessorized the modern vintage style just well.





Luxury Lifestyle and Fancy Parties

Every cut and scene in The Great Gatsby is amazing, I was constantly stunned by its fascinating settings. One of my favorite scenes is Gatsby’s huge party. It’s a spectacle following the steps of Tobey Maguire. It gave me a new horizon for the luxury lifestyle and crazy fancy parties. The costumes of each political and business celebrities and models are very unique and suit their identity well. They bring the audience back to the party in the 20s. You can tell that they put lots of efforts into Daisy’s costumes. Each set of costumes is made from luxury fabric such as metal and wool yarn, silk, and velvet, and decorated with hundreds of crystals, sequins, pearls, and tassels. Those beautiful costumes bring out the innocence of Daisy and emphasize how Gatsby was madly in love with her. I almost fell in love with Daisy when I watched the movie. And don’t even mention her wardrobe, it’s the wardrobe that every girl dreams of!



A Good Costume Can Suck You Into the Story

Costumes in films can not only make the audience enjoy the stories, they can also help the actors act deeper into the play. Last year, I cut off my long hair for the movie Skyscraper. Feels like it switched a button and I just became the character. Not only the hairstyle, my costume also helped a lot!


We usually focus on the plot of a movie, but there are a lot more behind the screen to make a good movie. It requires professionals from all the different aspects to complete a movie. Next time when you watch a movie, try and pay attention to the details such as modeling, background music and shot movement. I’m sure you will enjoy the movie even more!

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