Do you ever have the feeling like I have? Sometimes it feels like time just passed, and you have no idea what you have eaten all day. When you are busy, don’t forget to take care of what you put into your belly. A few years ago, a friend took me to a restaurant just below the hotel I stayed in Milan. It’s an extraordinary restaurant that you can see a lot of different lunch boxes display on the counter. You can choose from fish, beef, pork, and veggies. After you order, they put the lunch boxes into a big steam oven. When it’s ready, you can smell the aroma of food filling up the whole place! I fell in love with this restaurant after the first time I tried it, and after that, I always crave it. Let’s see what we took from the restaurant this time! It’s gonna make your mouth water!/span>







Prawns and spicy chicken, Thai rice with black-eyed peas, red and green peppers, red beans, cajun spices, dressed with spicy oil. This is the one that caught my eye for the first sight. There are veggies, fish, chicken, and rice; it seems very healthy and filling. Jambalaya is a lunch box that seasons with Indian spices which create lots of flavors. Sometimes when you wanna eat healthy food, and they taste not good enough, and you even need to add some salt to it. However, this one has no problem with that! You can smell the spices when it comes out from the steam oven. Prawns and chicken are delicious, eat them with the rice under make you can’t stop digging in!




Ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, Chinese cabbage, dressed with sage butter sauce. If you like something special, you can try the ravioli with ricotta and spinach. Under the layer of ravioli, they put Chinese cabbage and organic spinach which gives you a fresher taste. In Italian cuisine, it’s very common that they put some olive oil on the dish. On this one, they dress it with sage butter sauce which brings out the best taste of the veggies. It’s , and you won’t feel like you are a cow eating lots of grass. You enjoy the veggies on a cloud nine!



Ombrina, Sardinian fregula, edamame, dried tomatoes, saffron, turmeric. I was attracted by ombrina at first, but after I ate it, I was amazed by the fregula. I didn’t know what is fregula in the beginning. We thought that it was corn. We asked the clerk and he told us that fregula is a kind of pasta, and the more you chew on, the more you taste the wheat. They use saffron and turmeric on this one. They are not only the kings of spices but also very healthy. This is a perfect combination that you must try!



Goji berries, mango, maracuja, pineapple, banana, orange, raspberry coulis. This restaurant is not only famous for their lunch boxes but also their smoothies and juices. This one is the one that everyone wanna try when he or she see the ingredients. There are mango, pineapple, banana, orange, plus a bit of raspberry coulis in this smoothie. It’s not too thick or too sweet, just perfect balance and fresh. If you wanna have something healthy to drink, this is made for you!



Carrot, beetroot, green apple, lemon, ginger, pollen of bees. This one is recommended by the clerk. It’s very fresh and rich in fiber. Carrot and beetroot provide the fiber, and green apple and lemon add a little sour and refreshing taste to the drink. Ginger is not only adding some flavor but also make the drink much healthier. If you would like to try a different taste, I recommend VITAMIN POLLEN to you!



The weather in the early autumn always makes me feel a bit lazy in the morning. I just casually thrown on a sexy knit top and a khaki double-breasted midi skirt and walked with a pair of fashion sandals to get some brunch. The lunch boxes in the restaurant will be displayed around noon, and you should be there early in case the popular ones sold out. If you are coming to Milan at any time, don’t forget to visit this restaurant and enjoy a healthy meal here!


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