Without a doubt that Tokyo is a city of lust.
What is happening in this city is much more than the information explosion. There are flavors, visions, buildings, colors, fashion, and more. Even the person who doesn’t care much about what’s happening around cannot escape from the massive amount of changes that happens every second. The willpower is in the liquid state here. All the things happening around make people get more and more greedy, such as crazy big sales, and the scenes that just look like a Japanese magazine. I think that is also why we always don’t get enough when the trip is finishing. There are too many details and too much energy to keep in our heart. Hopefully, we have cameras to help us record our journey, so we can throw back to the moments when we look back.


In order to leave no regrets, we should plan every little detail for the trip.
Apart from doing your research for the transportation, we also recommend you doing location scouting online. Just one extra step can help you understand the atmosphere of the places and photo spots. You can try to imagine yourself or whoever is going to be in the photos at the spots that you are planning to go, so you can be one step ahead of what angle you want to shoot from and what theme you wanna present. Also, you can have a little brainstorming for your photo shooting. To take a perfect shot, picking the right place and picking the right outfits are both very important. Even it sounds a bit insane, but it’s very efficient to plan all your holiday outfits. It helps you manage your space in your suitcase, also you won’t end up with no space to carry your souvenir.


The Messier the Classier: The View of Shinjuku

If you like the busy streets and colorful visual delights, you cannot miss out the lively Shinjuku. The area is full of restaurants, bars, clubs, stores, and also the adult entertainment businesses. Because of the huge amount of shops, there is also a huge amount of signs. And all the different signs with different styles made a colorful and rich scene of the area. You can say that Shinjuku is a place that you must take some photos in Tokyo.



To cope with the colorful streets of Shinjuku, director Jen Wu wore the interesting Banana Knit Top and Tassels Spliced Pencil Skirt. The outfit matches the streetscape and also shows the street style of youth. What a fashion icon!



There is a lazy outfit tip for the person who wanna fits with the street scene but doesn’t want to put on many different elements on her outfit - wearing in a blue tone. Because of the daylight, the streetscape and the atmosphere in Japan, the photos are usually in a cool tone. So if you wanna have a photo with high coordination, you can put on a blue focal piece.


Walking in Daikanyama with an Artistic Touch

Daikanyama is peace and quiet region in the midst of noisy bustle. It’s also the reason why it’s so amazing. There are many cafes, dessert shops, fine dining restaurants, zakka shops, and fashion brands. Different from Roppongi, you can see how the people are making an effort to make the life better here. The shops are always simple but with its own style, leading a low profile and having a touch of European. The breathing streets scene that leaves blank are the points that you can’t miss out!


Daikanyama represents the upper class of Japan. The peace and quiet in this area make people feel elegant even just walking by. I guess the feeling like this matches well with a knit top and a midi skirt for autumn.
If you don’t consider skirt as a good option for the trip since you need to walk a lot, you can match the knit top with wide pants. You can still be the casual hipster. Spare no effort, just standing in front of the graffiti and you can get a photo that fully presents the streetscape of Daikanyama.


Architectural Aesthetic of Zen: Taking the Best Shots in Japanese-style Room

If you ever watch Japanese anime, you must know about the traditional Japanese-style rooms. Even nowadays, there is still a lot of this kind of buildings in big cities. For example, there are many accommodations in Tokyo give you a special experience of living in a traditional house. The traditional Japanese house was built with special structures, and also usually combine the benefits of nature. In the house like this, you usually get a lot of natural sunlight. When the lights pour on the tatami, it creates a very stately scene which more and more photographers choose the place like this for their shootings.



The fine and layered wooden frames of the house enhance the visual effect of the space. Even just leaning on it can create a photo with fine Japanese style. If you take a photo from the inside, the frame highlights the natural view of the garden which points out how special the traditional Japanese houses are. If you wanna try to create pictures like Japanese magazine which combine the old and the new, you can choose a place with simple and clear color tone, and wear a sharp suit set. Mixing up modern outfits with traditional architecture for your best shot!


Even our Tokyo trip was very short, but we caught all the beauty of the city with the camera. We hope that you can experience the unique, vivid and colorful street snaps with Jen Wu. Next time when you come to Tokyo, don’t forget to seize the moment by your eyes. All the memories and experiences are the inspiration of life.

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