Don’t you feel lazy coming back to work after a long weekend? According to statistics, Monday is the day, among the five working days, that people are most likely to feel emotionally depressed. That is, the already blue-enough-Mondays are even more depressing after a holiday. Everyone knows that it’s inevitable to receive some extra tasks at work, however, sometimes things are already irritating enough, there are still some dramas or bugs come up to mess your own working pace, and even worse, endlessly delaying your schedule to leave the office. For our September Office Lady Collection, JENDES have listed a few irritating work chores, come and check which describes your Monday mood the most!


Punch-In For Work // misanthrope level: 25%


Today in 2019, not much time clocks are left to be used in the offices anymore, but a certain working time range still exists in most of the companies. That is, if you happened to be late entering office, you will probably receive the attention from EVERYONE around. To avoid this awkward situation, showing up on time has hands down become one of the most priority daily tasks for office workers. Do you suffer an internal struggle every morning? Always jumping out of bed at the last moment, quickly getting yourself ready, grab the one office workers standard accessory that you must never forget after putting on your outfits: your badge, then rush all the way to the office, --beep--, mission accomplished!




Outfit Recommendation:
Done with the boring dark-colors? JENDES recommend our soft-colored Contrast Stitching Cargo Pants and Side Slit Wide Leg Pants for you to wave goodbye to the gloomy impressions. Joanna and Pingping matched the mentioned items with our Cape Drape Top and Ruffled Cutout Shirt accordingly, these are the ideas for you to give yourself a sense of freshness at the first sight as the best start to build some positive relationships in the office!


Document Skyscrapers // misanthrope level: 50%

We have seen a lot on Netflix or advertisements that the bosses throwing a stack of files on the desk for the subordinates to deal with. After entering the workforce, you realized that the same scenario, in reality, is even more overwhelming than what you have imagined, the tasks and errands seem to never understand how busy you are, and they never come in order even when you’re already drowning. If your colleague happens to cause some trouble or your boss just have to be picky on this moment, you’ll definitely want to leave EVERYTHING behind and find a cave to hide in!


Outfit Recommendation:
Sharp-cut trousers are definitely the best choice for office workers, but the question is to choose a pair of long trousers or short? If you’re afraid that the shorts are not formal enough, we recommend you this Blazer Style Romper which Joanna wore, a straight version shape and soft material will be a perfect solution! The matching Cami Mini Dress can be tied to show your curve, or simply let it drape, creates a variety of looks easily. As for Pingping, her choice of the Knit Top have blanded the formal feeling from the Plaid Suit Pants, which can be said to be a perfect combo of feminine and dashing!


Broken Printer (again and again…) // misanthrope level: 75%

Is there anything in the office that makes you particularly anxious? Anything you feel like you’ll never get what’s going on with it? That’s right, the printer it is! Said to be the most unreliable object in the office, we believe that everyone has had the tragic experience dealing with it. Having no clue what to do after spending over 10 seconds standing in front of it? Never successfully getting the perfect size of printings you want before a couple of times of failing? Or you just quit and turn to your most helpful colleague? A printer, for most of us, is like a sleeping monster, it can beat you easily even when it’s “behaving”.




Outfit Recommendation:
Dressing up elegantly on hump day for the romantic dinner date with your boyfriend? This Asymmetric Drape Dress that Joanna wore has delicate drape in the hemline and a V-shaped cut on the back, showing a hint of elegance in this sexy dress. Pingping picked a Plaid Zip Front Dress to show both her cute and lovely sides. If you’re worrying that the dress too exposed for working occasion, simply add a white shirt inside, and, voila, your Day-to-Night look is ready!


Non-Stop-Calling Clients// misanthrope level: 100%

Finally, we’re at the #1 of the misanthropic rank. We believe that there’s nothing more irritating than the crazy clients who always have a bunch of demands but always change their minds at the very last moment. They call you from time to time to check on your processes, they always can cause dramas in your mind, on one hand, you imagine yourself shouting at them, on the other hand, you just want them to give you a break. Mentally breaking you down is probably what the clients are really good at.




Outfit Recommendation:
Visiting your clients and ready to give them a strong first impression? Dark tones are going to be your best choice. Pingping, for example, styled the Tassels Spliced Houndstooth Cami and the Zip Front Pencil Skirt. The black-and-white stripes and the imitation leather texture immediately creates the feeling that you’re capable and experienced. Joanna’s match made her upper body visually narrow with the Wide Strap Checkered Top and the Cuffed Wide-Leg Trousers, and then picked a pair of high-heeled mules to match the floor-length trousers extended the visual leg-length in no time!

TGIF!!!!! // I’m The Boss!

The misanthropic level always increases over the week and reaches a new pack on Friday. Do you also feel like you’re getting buried by work and can’t take anything anymore? Cheer up, all you left to have to make through before the weekend is just today! Show the world the “I'm the Boss” attitude on Friday and leave every unpleasantness behind, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Celebrate well with your besties after work and take good rest over the weekend, you’ll be back in shape again.



Outfit Recommendation:
This Layered-Mesh Trench Coat on Pingping is JENDES’ September top-seller! The attitude this coat shows will catch everyone’s eyesight as soon as you enter the office. The Plaid Suit Jacket and Plaid Suit Shorts set that Joanna is wearing can be said to be a long-lived hot-selling combination, not only popular among the celebrities but also can often be seen on JENDES’ employees in our office! The Plaid Suit items can be stylish either wearing the whole set or separately, they’re definitely a good choice for the office workers!

We know that there can be all kinds of exhausting and irritating things happening in the office and you feel like practicing your Emotional Intelligence Quotient every day, but as the old saying goes, “The lower you squat, the higher you jump”. As long as the demands you’re receiving in a reasonable range, it’s not a bad idea to take it as a training for growth to yourself. We hope that this project can bring some laughter in your office life, after all, there’s nothing that sticks forever, let’s make it through together!



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