Sun-kissed weather as the start of a day can always brighten up the minds of every busy soul. Whenever the weather bright and clear is, you sure will see a bunch of people posting pictures of the sky from different perspectives on their Instagrams, as well as the candy-floss-like clouds that no one will ever get tired of.

No matter how fast-paced and dramatic the fashion trend changes, sky blue and pure white symbolize the simple state that the modern people, who live a stressful life, are always chasing after. At the beginning of the spring of 2019, let’s get inspired by the two clear streams in the fashion world, putting on a touch of cheerful blue sky and white clouds scenery!

Back to pure whiteness

Solange, sister of the pop singer Beyoncé, may not be as famous as her sister to the world, but her unique artistic and artistic vision have given her a fascinating reputation in both the niche music scene and fashion world. Soft and mellow are Solange’s music style, her pure vocal, unlike stormy waves, is however humble and tender like a peaceful stream, brewed and breaks into every inch of our minds. Different from the public's stereotype of African American, her voice isn’t simply strong and powerful, also still and poetic at the same time. The trait of weightless like this also plays on her outfits on both her daily lives and important events.

(CREDIT: photographed by Rog Walker)


Solange’s cloak-style ivory white dress on her wedding. Her whole family had an all-white dress code. Scattered in a vintage hall, the warm and faint light sprinkled on her chocolate-toned skin. Her white dress matched her calm eyesight, such a fantastic scene.




(CREDIT: A Love is Blind)

How does Solange escape the boredness of all-white outfits? The key is the choice of items. Try wrinkle the chiffon piece, adding some layers to the same-coloured outlooks, and at the same time visually create a sense of fresh and lucid through the see-through texture.




(CREDIT: whowhatwear)

As if you want to create some simple and easy all-white outfits, try some items with unique details, such as puff sleeves, harem pants, to create a verity but not clumsy look.



(CREDIT: Photography by Carys Huws, Krisanne Johnson and Stacy Krantitz)

The white-loving Solange even held an art exhibition „An Ode To“ at the Guggenheim Museum. Guests who join the event must follow the white Dress code. Crown in white matched the spiral-structured building perfectly and formed a harmonious artistic scene.


Blue is the warmest color

If you are worried about the monotony of all-white dress, the easiest skill is to add some sparkles to the details, and nothing is more lovable than the combination of the blue sky and the white clouds!

(CREDIT: Getty/ Vogue/ Pgil Oh)

The fiancee of the famous street photographer Scott Schuman, Jenny Walton, is definitely the best object that we steal some blue and white inspirations from. Graduating from Parsons School of Design, she’s got the amazing taste of outfitting. Matching the colors of her outfit, Jenny always does it just right and unique. She is also good at mixing classic and modern brands together, and the credits of Jenny active in the fashion world should give to the street shootings that Scott Schuman has done for her!



Whenever Jenny Walton attended the fashion week shows, she’s never holding back on showing her talent on matching the fabrics of different colours and textures. Take a look of her everyday outfitting, it’s not difficult to detect her love for the combination of blue and white.
In fact, she herself has also expressed her fascination with the sky blue. Jenny likes to use a pure white simple shirt or dress as a base, and then put on the blue toned accessories and pattern printed skirts, creating a refreshing and energetic look for herself. Exactly like the good mood we have when waking up to a clear sky!
Outfitting can sometimes be focusing on the “out,” but it can also be more than just superficial. The process of dressing up one’s self in the morning can sometimes be like a refreshing brain ceremony. It’s not just grooming but also to clear our minds as brushing our hair. The environment and the weather might sometimes affect our mood easily, however, which can’t be controlled by ourselves. Fortunately, we always have the say of what to wear.
Spring is around the corner, put on a hint of blue sky and white clouds, lead a little more of our own emotions, and save our good mood!

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