See if this describes you: can never wait to open all the home décor articles on the Internet. Furthermore, can’t help fantasizing how to decorate or expressing a certain style if you ever have such a big space for your own. For most tenants, the reality then will probably pull you back from your daydream, you find yourself still compromising in that little space where you might just rate it as “average”. However, materials cannot completely determine the quality of life, selecting the most suitable items in terms of taste is what matters more. Think out of the myth of styles and always be flexible!

A residence is not just for sleeping, it is a container for living.

The Berlin-based website Freunde Von Freunden is not so much a website that introduces home decor, more of a website about people. The majority content of this website focuses on visiting art and cultural workers living around the world, which brings out the trajectory of people in different places and backgrounds. Different from the professional interior design websites, the photos taken by Freunde Von Freunden are more humanistic. FvF does not focus on the design of the avant-garde decoration, but the state of interaction between human and space. What they want to present is not the celebrity mansion nor the most popular design style, they seem to be more fascinated in expressing how the building affects the lives of human beings as a container of life.



Gwen & Gawie, Artists who live in the home that they built themselves.(CREDIT: FvF)




The magic moment when the nature and the space conduct a cross-border cooperation.(CREDIT: FvF)


Planting, injecting vitality into the home living

Igor Josif is a home-design blogger living in Berlin. He is good at re-organizing the items and furniture, and enriching his life by creating different possibilities in his tiny place. You can easily tell by seeing Igor Josif’s Instagram, that the majority items in the photos are pretty much identical, yet he is never boring his followers. Reorganizing and matching new ideas in a space with a batch of identical objects is exactly what he is good at. This talent, as well as the flexibility of matching and reorganizing, are possessed by someone with a high degree of aesthetics.
What’s more, Igor has a green thumb, and he knows well how plants can inject vitality into space. His overall style has a scene of natural simpleness, not a single piece of his work will look odd being put next to the others, simple as is, harmonious as is. Orders in chaos, rather than minimalism is what he pursues. Living habits always leave traces, and his unique vision lies in these tiny but subtle difference in between the chaos, the spread of interest naturally generates his personal trace of home living



Igor prefers soft colour tones with a hint of green and some small highlights.(CREDIT: Igor Josifovic)




The decorations and furniture are shifted between areas in the house from time to time.(CREDIT: Igor Josifovic)


Dye your life with the colour of personality.

Dabito, another home-design blogger, who is also a designer, has a completely different style from Igor. His pursuit of color mastery is never the harmony, but an impact vision. Unlike Igor's expertise in matching small objects, Dabito's choice of furniture is very original and has a strong feature. You’ll never believe when all these dazzling superstars are gathered together, the surprising harmony never seems to be too much. Dabito’s works always give people a strong playful impression, a bit unruly or maybe even a bit stubborn, just the right stubborn.



Duly add some visual highlights to spaces with bold color flash.(CREDIT: Igor OLDBRANDNEW)




Dabito loves to mix wooden furniture and woven accessories, bringing a warm atmosphere to the home.(CREDIT: OLDBRANDNEW)

The two above-mentioned homes are quite different but there’s one thing for sure, they both are absolutely full of personality. You will absolutely be convinced by the furnishings in the photos after getting to know each homeowner from the text. Their nests may not have a large space pattern or classic furniture, but every single corner is honest to the homeowners themselves, rather than just hypocritically trying to prove their styles. Style is a myth, you can find your own unique taste on the creation of your living space when you are completely honest with your life. This is not an imitation, but some features for a new friend to get a picture of you immediately, and the familiar feelings of you that make an old friend smiles. The fancy sample houses that are piled up with money are lifeless, the home with unique humanity is where a good place to live a beautiful life!

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