The Chinese TV drama Story of Yanxi Palace has come to an end but all the people are still busy talking about it. People are talking about its plot and cast, another big thing that people are so amazed by this TV drama is its art director. Different from other historical drama, they abandoned the colors which were mostly used, red and gold, and used Morandi color tone, the color that contains senior shades of grey and gives a calm and elegant feel. Morandi color tone highlights the fierce and the stories in the imperial harem.



Morandi color tone came from the artist Giorgio Morandi from the 20 century. He uses a muted color palette for his still life paintings, often working in a range of whites and greys, occasionally foraying into other equally somber colors.

The colors of what we wear not only influence our outside but also our inside. For example, who wear bright colors are usually outgoing. But they are also more emotional and weak and tend to be more sentimental. Who wear dull colors are confident in themselves, and also more stable.
The temperature starts to drop a bit and it’s blowing cool wind now. It’s finally autumn. Let’s change our mood with colors. Try Morandi color tone with me!



Khaki is one of the very natural colors from the earth tone. It’s used for military clothing and tools since it has camouflage effects. Khaki is also a color that has been widely used for the trench coat. It’s a simple and basic color, and it’s also natural just like the ground.


The essence of Morandi color tone is adding a shade of grey into other colors to create a muted color palette. So the color kalklitir is one of the must-have color for autumn. Some might think that the color grey is depressing, but when you apply some grey on your clothes, it can provide a very calm atmosphere.



The color dark brown makes me think of the fallen leaves in autumn. It’s simple and a tad sentimental. It’s the color that you can easily match with your outfits. If you like to dress a bit mature, you can try the dark brown.



Who says that a person who keeps a low profile cannot dress in pink? Quartz pink is very popular during the recent seasons. Adding some grey into the sweet color pink provides a sense of cuteness and innocence. When you dress in quartz pink, you are like a mysterious pussy.



Apart from the bright colors of Morandi color tone, the darker colors are also very nice. The color navy blue is so dark that sometimes you can’t even tell from black. But it combines black and the blue of the ocean which provides a more calm feeling and less rigid. If you like to dress in a low profile but don’t wanna be too boring, navy blue is your choice!



Some girls like to dye their hair into cocoa brown during autumn. When you are changing your hair color, you can also think about adding some brown and grey into your outfits to make you look intellectual and less aggressive.

Morandi color tone gets very popular with the TV drama Story of Yanxi Palace. I think it’s not only the drama itself makes people like it so much, but also because the story reflects our life too. We are living in the age of information exploration, every day we are facing countless messages to answer and too many things to sort out. And when we are tired and anxious, we tent to eat comfort food and dress in warm colors. Sometimes it’s too hard to change how the world works, but we can always change how we see things. We can try to take care for people around you, just like Morandi color tone provides a sense of calm and warmth.

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