Every period has its own popular languages and thoughts of the time, which more or less affect the trend in many ways. The idea that has been raising the public’s attention recently would probably be “Multiple perspectives”!

From the resent hottest series “The World Between Us” we see the behaviors of the perpetrators and the families of the victims in terms of social morality and their own positions, complex and never easy to distinguish in either black or white. Also, take a look at the many complex storefronts in the downtown area, can be used both as a cafe or a show space, all depends on the purpose of the visit of the consumers. A popular form of art creation these days, audiences are invited to join the exhibits to create lively and humanistic works through non-constant causes, or what we say, the perspectives from different people.

The “Multiple perspectives” concept reflects a more free and open vision, at the same time wrapping soft imaginations. It might sound quite abstract and innovative, but in fact, every girl who loves shopping has long realized "multiple perspectives" in the malls. When you are holding a piece of cloth in your hands, struggling if you should go to the counter or not, measuring the different outfits possibilities out of this single piece, girl, you ARE simulating the 100 situations of yourself in this item through the multiple perspectives! Follow us today and try on a few pieces that will withstand the test of new ideas~


Professional and casual: work, date, both are OK

Too hot in the summer that you completely lost the interest of matching your outfit? In this case, you must have a one-piece dress with a built-in sense of fashion in your wardrobe. It can be an eye-catching style with a fun pattern printed on, or if you’re into a more refreshing style, you can choose a plain dress with a stylish cut, and a special textured dress is the easiest way to show your unique taste. In short, your summer one-piece is best to have one of the above three characteristics in order to be able to highlight yourself without wearing other matching items. Simply put on different shoes, you will find yourself switching between professional and casual mode so easily, nailing all styles!





The three-quarter sleeve dress with some childlike sunny-side-up printed on the refreshing and soft sky blue background. The highlight is that the knitting texture adds value to the dress and makes it completely the opposite of cheap! The sunny-side-up pattern brings out a wicket temperament of a girl, put on a pair of white sneakers that match the pattern, either going to school or going on a date, you’ve done your perfect outfit.





If you think that the pattern dress is too naive, plain color black or white will always be a safe choice. However, the simpler the items are, the more details will be easily magnified. Also, if the quality of the dress not so good is, it might look sloppy and loungewear-like. Therefore, our black and white models are shaped with different sizes of wrinkles and pleats, the short pleats on the cuffs radiate heat and bring out a little feminine. You can simply match with a pair of flat ballerinas when going to work, then change into dad sneakers under your office desk and get ready for the date at night, mix and match a sense of street girls.





Don't judge this denim jumpsuit for its off-the-shoulder and backless design, tell you what, it is our most functional item of this selection! The slightly off-the-shoulder design brings a hint of sexiness to the loose cut while using denim texture to balance the rate of revealing. The item is full of delicate details as to its own language, we highly recommend it as a date dress. Its overall young and romantic style is very suitable for a café, also a perfect for outdoors because of its pants design, you will be fully prepared wherever your date is taking you!


A perfect match: from a wedding to the beach, or better, a beach wedding!




Very few of us have the opportunity to try different dresses and looks like celebrities, so don’t miss any chances when you can have fun dressing up, for example, attending a wedding! A fitted dress is a wonderful style to show your femininity different from daily life. Also, try to stand yourself out on these kinds of rare dressing-up occasions, the asymmetry of the large color block stitching is really eye-catching, and the knitting technique gives layers to the body shape and adds value to the dress, would be amazing for an island holiday. If you love trying new styles, why not picking a pair of color-matching strappy heel sandals and show your great fashion taste with the bold combination!





(CREDIT: @songofstyle)




(CREDIT: yesmissy.com)


Don't underestimate this champagne-colored Slip dress, it might look normal but it actually matches with every item in your closet! It is very comfortable, all you need to do is to put on a blazer and, zac! Effortless Chic style, one of the most in street photoshoot outfit among the fashion bloggers is ready. The silky shimmer not only improves the texture of the fabric but also creates a lazy atmosphere, with a pair of high heels you’re good to go on a wedding. If you happen to be attending a beach wedding, you can change the blazer into a translucent sweater and reveal a silky bandeau from the inside, making a delicate balance between casual and texture, comfortable but stylish.

After going through so many "multiple perspectives" examples, do you also feel like there is so much more possibility in your closet than you have ever imagined? Go discover your closet and review your items again, start practicing "multiple perspectives" from every day’s outfit with your eyes wide open, you will see the diversity of the beautiful world!

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