What is fashion to you? I used to think that fashion is giving yourself a new look every day, and keeping up to date with whatever the latest trend is. Over the years, I've learned some new tips about styling myself and I believe there are two kinds of way to dress. One is following my heart. It depends on my mood but sometimes I wanna wear something different and special. I'd pick the unique items that I don't wear so often, put them on and show my own manner. Another one is finding the unusual in the everyday outfits. Such as finding a work suit which is comfortable and appropriate, at the same time, it needs to show your style. I think it's hard sometimes to find the items like that. But here's the good news! "Summer Top and Bottom Set" is what you need!

Bring Out The Best of You with A Matching Set

When I open my wardrobe, I see so many similar items. And even when I go shopping, I always take the products that are similar to the ones I already have. It is actually because they are probably the outfits that suit you the best. Maybe just take a closer look and try to sharpen them with details and silhouette, then they are gonna be your best daily look. When the summer comes, a cami top and pants set is perfect for the weather. It's made from stiff fabric with allover thin strips, even it's a one-tone outfit, but it's not boring but hipster. The wide leg ankle pants topped with a cami top with wide stripes is neat and also makes a perfect proportion. The black one is great to throw on for a work day, and the blue one gives a sleek and understated look. How can you not have them both in your wardrobe!



Combining Indie and Modern in One Set

Do you get confused sometimes when you are trying too hard to mix and match? Especially in summer, it's not possible to throw on many items to create your style. At this moment, a one-tone set is what you need. All white head to toe gives a comfortable and fresh look of summer. If you like to go with some details in your one-tone outfits, you can try the items with simple pattern or stripes. For example, the set I wore in the picture is simple yet delicate. The top featuring wide stripes, the miniskirt is designed with a unique cut and a warp silhouette which cover up the chubby thighs. It can't go wrong to pair with either white shoes or heeled boots. This top and skirt set is indie yet modern. Isn't it perfect to have two styles in one!



Be Your Own Wonder Woman

Some clothes can make you feel like yourself, comfortable and relaxing. Some clothes, once you throw them on, they make you feel full of energy and confidence. If you never had the feeling that a set of clothes can boost your power, you should try this one! This knit halter top and skirt set is drop dead gorgeous. Your curves slightly show from the navy knit skirt, it's sexy yet mysterious. The white stripes on the top and skirt make me think of the costumes of superheroes. There's a secret design in this set, we put some black on the side to make your body curves even better. The design of this one has a very ironic style of JENDES, it's gentle yet distinctive. I highly recommend this one to you!




Even the girls who follow the fashion trends can run out of ideas, why not having these summer top and bottom sets in your wardrobe! The matching sets not only can save your time, they also can pair with different items to create new looks. Choose the items with fine details and fabric, they are the best ones for travels and your every outfit!

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