This pandemic has plunged the world into chaos. Facing the unknown that we have never experienced before, our minds are out of order and anxious. However, after the first half of the year filled with rapid change, more and more people have gradually found a way to get along with the new environment. Through observation, we can find that "healing" activities have become very popular in this adversity. Arts and crafts courses such as pottery pinching and flower arranging, as well as yoga, singing bowl healings, and other courses can help participants calm down and explore themselves, are deeply comforting souls who yearn for freedom in a high-pressure society. People begin to realize that when they cannot change the external environment, they can only solve the problem by returning to themselves. And this collective mentality is also reflected in the fashion industry, and many designers have begun to adjust the pace of releasing the series and return to the original intention of designing from the complicated to simple in order to let people put on the clothes without the burden and relax their exhausted mind and body.



BLANK Return to Classic Black and White Films

You don’t have to wear bright colors to make yourself look cute in summer that is so hot that you’d lose your mind. Leave blank and return to simple with a comfortable and versatile black and white colors. Although the black and white outfits are not going to go wrong no matter how you match them if you want to create a new look and don’t wanna look mediocre, try JENDES's scheming items this month!




Taking the sleeveless black long dress as an example, JENDES is to be different from others! We especially moved the thin shoulder straps inward to make the skinny shoulder line stand out. It is a leisure and vacation piece with fashionable tailoring, presenting a minimalist style of Europe and America!




The insider will know this suit is a must-buy at one glance! The tie on both sides of the top cleverly contrasts the color of black and white. A small idea will greatly reduce the sense of office lady in this set. The shorts are designed with flower buds on the waist. The visual waist size is immediately smaller by several inches once you put them on. The whole set of black and white is not boring, but with a retro taste of the modern era!




The most popular item this year is a cropped white shirt with fluffy sleeves. It is light and moderately cute, and will not be burdensome due to excessive sweetness. Inspired by Emma Watson's cute country-style dress in the movie Beauty and the Beast, it incorporates the popular two-piece design. You can take apart and wear it or go out in a set elegantly throughout the summer. Very suitable to wear to the beach and cafes!



COMBINE Bath in Warm and Natural Colors

Our longing for color often reflects the state of the environment. In this turbulent year, the soft and harmonious color gamut has become a design mastery. The lavish decoration and camouflage are gone, and it is more intriguing.




The two healing sets in this series are based on apricot color. Use a large area of warm tones, do not add complicated pendants, but remove the excess. Enhance the uniqueness of the style through the different material fabrics and the neat cut of the neckline. The knit suit that gently embraces the body and the pretty shorts with A-line are super comfortable to wear. They are fashionable lazy suits that you can't live without in the summer!


Slowing down and finding the pace to get along with yourself are the issues that people in the information-surplus generation will always have to deal with. At this moment that you need to strengthen the body and mind, we encourage everyone to participate in art activities courses. By learning new things, you can make up for your curiosity that is nowhere to be released because you can't travel abroad, and inspire new interests that you have no time to study before. We will keep work hard to create more zero-burden wearing experiences through design, conveying the magical power of fashion to heal the body and mind from the outside to the inside.

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