JENDES turned 4 years old today! We are sincerely grateful for each of you who has accompanied us along the way.

We have already mentioned in the article that in addition to considering fashion trends and tailoring, another very important part of the monthly design is to specifically depict the image of the person wearing our products in our minds.




And this is because no matter how innovative the style is or how ingenious the design is, what remains unchanged is our original intention of creating "a brand that fully represents your own value". Therefore, every month the team is looking forward to seeing girls who tag us in our clothes on Instagram. They use our items to create their unique personal style, reflect the multiple roles they play in life, and let gentleness and distinctiveness coexist.


The JENDES birthday month new items, as always, carry out the concept of “make gentleness and distinctiveness perfectly coexist", integrate the laid-back holiday atmosphere, and create several sets of new classics that can be judged as very JENDES at the first glance of our fans. No need to explain, you get it!




Incorporate the Calm Greyscale into Soft Tones

This new set is very worthy of collecting in different colors. The material is comfortable and soft, the color is gentle, and contains a cold grayscale, which looks more refreshing and light. The item is based on the elements of workwear and incorporates the buckle straps on the shoulders and the multi-pocket design, which makes it a gentle design with a more adventurous atmosphere. It's super suitable for wearing on vacation in the hot summer. You don't have to think about how to pack your luggage. Bring three sets of them and you are ready right away!


The Quality Classic Knit Set

During the birthday month, we certainly have our classic knitted designs. The three sets are in different styles this time. No matter what body type or height you have, you can find a style that suits you. It is a pretty set that can be worn for both leisure and work. Another set of thin straps and hot pants is simple and bold in color, with classic black and white stripes as a whole.




The first two sets are complete with a mini skirt and hot pants, which can easily be worn by both petite and tall girls. In terms of details, the bright green set has a cute small collar design at the V-neck, and the details of the pit-striped texture make the same-tone color of great significance.
And then the details on the side of the shorts enhance the texture. This set is retro and modern.


This pure white knitted set is single-tone color but packed with subtle details. The cute lantern sleeves and the hollow material are stitched together to make them visually lighter and airier. The hollow skirt on the bottom is slim yet not tight, girls with a pear-shaped can also try it. Refreshing, elegant and romantic, and cute, it is a set with a sense of design when wearing both separately and as a set.


Highlight Single Items

Loyal fans must know that the director likes to incorporate street elements into girly outfits in her outfits. This time, several "highlight items" have also been launched. They can easily create an eye-catching point of the outfits and highlight your characteristics.


This demonstration is inspired by the director's casual outfits. The solid color gigot sleeve dress with a full skirt has a little casual femininity, we matched it with the cap with interesting text embroidery to balance out the possibility of being overly cute, making the outfit closer to the authentic personality. It is highly recommended for girls who like street fashion to try it!




The last set is the denim material variant that JENDES always loves to create. Without further explanation, you can tell that this set is unforgettable and eye-catching! We use two different shades of denim to create a playful collage. The cropped top with thin straps has the draped cuts and it’s very flattering. And the trousers are designed with a wide fit which makes the legs look longer. It’s an amazing set that can make anyone who wears it look taller and skinnier! You can wear a full set to attend a music festival, or wear them separately to create your style. It’s fashionable yet easy to match!

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