We all know that knitwear has always been a timeless item in the wardrobe. In addition to the comfort of its skin-friendly and soft fabric, it can also provide warmth and add layers to the outfit.


In recent years, new changes in the interpretation of knitwear can be found in major fashion shows. The cropped design and cut-outs have been integrated into knitwear, and they have become mainstream trends. They have a cute and slightly rebellious sense of conflict which makes them a fashion favorite.


What kinds of knitwear are expected to be popular in the second half of 2022? Let us help you summarize the tips for matching your knitwear through the new arrivals of this month. Let us make you the fashion icon through these matching notes for knitwear with special tailoring and matching sets!




Cut-Out Jumpers and Breathable Cardigans

Breathability is one of the features that can be seen on the knitted items of this year. Cut-outs and special tailoring details can be easily found in the design of the major brands. On the fabric that is supposed to be worn tightly, incomplete holes are dug and cut at the chest, collarbone, waist, and other parts. This out-of-the-box design subtly creates a rebellious highlight visually. The cut-out jumpers are perfect for girls who like the sexy casual style.




In addition, the cardigans from this collection also integrated some breathable elements, such as large square collars, and a waist cut-out. You can choose straight-leg suit pants with a slightly stiff material for the lower body. The overall outline is simple yet elegant, and at the same time very cute as well!



Textured Matching Sets

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of your mirror, matching knitted sets are the laziest go-to. And you can look stylish without killing any brain cells! The colors of the popular knitwear this year are no longer black, white, and grey.


We are looking at pastel colors such as lavender or soft beige which can add a sense of youthful atmosphere to the knitted sets. We have two choices of color for our new knitted sets.


Soft apricot for the girls who like the natural tones, and pastel purple for those who love to try something new! In a solid color, we inject sophistication through the three-dimensional twist texture full of a preppy sense.


There is another item from this collection that is low-key but also hard to miss.


A strong and bold image is created by the dropped shoulders and waistline. Different from the usual white shirt, it is not rigid at all but imposing. The shirt is perfect to wear as a one-piece, but also fits perfectly with our knitted vest in cooler weather. Many details are added to the look with the vest!


This month, JENDES took knitted items as the main axis, chose soft colors, and interweaved a visual image of effortless elegance and a little personality through trendy tailoring and delicate material weaving. Let's move on to the next season together with the effortless style of knitwear.

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