After two months of hard work, we finally launched NY Debut Collection from New York! Have you read the article JENDES NY DEBUT: URBAN, STREET, DELICATE? We talked about the inspiration and design concept of each set of clothes in the article. However, we haven’t shared the details of these beautiful items yet. Take a closer look with me and find the surprises in NY Debut Collection!



Striped Trench Coat

This trench coat is an item that you can never be bored of. Match it with anything you like, and it always brings out the best of you. The trench coat is made of smooth and soft draped striped fabric and design with the classic trench coat silhouette. It finished with basting stitching embellishments which give a neat and cool look, also makes you look slimmer and taller. And the color light khaki gives you a brighter look in the cold autumn winter season.


All-Tasseled Side Embellished Skirt

I thought of Daisy from The Great Gatsby when I saw this skirt. It takes me back to 1920s and also makes me wanna wear it to some dance parties. The whole skirt is layered with sparkle furry gauze, and it moves when you take any steps or turns. I think it makes all your moves a tad more delicate, don’t you agree? There’re handmade black crystal chains on the side slit which make your legs look longer. → MOVIES AND FASHION: THE MODERN VINTAGE TREND


Asymmetric Checked Vest

Are you tired of the same pantsuit you wear every day? This asymmetric suit set is made of houndstooth pattern fabric which is different from the usual suit set. The square shaped upper lapels and the asymmetric hem make you look much creative and rebel. You can button it up and wear it as a vest, or you can also wear it as an outer.


High Waisted Checked Trousers

Different from the classic suit pants, we made this pants with slight flares and houndstooth pattern fabric. You can pair them with sexy high heels or bad-ass looking heel boots to make you look taller and sharper.


Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

This is an item that you can mix and match with everything. You can wear it just by itself, or pair it with a vest just like in the lookbook. If the temperature drops a bit more, you can wear a turtleneck sweater inside. It can keep you not only warm but also very stylish.


Gauze Sleeves Jacket

This cropped jacket is an exceptional item. We made the sleeves with 100% silk organza, and the body is made of shiny grey fabric. It’s an item that combines the sweet and sturdy; it’s not too feminine but also sexy. Throw a pair of jeans on it, and you are ready to go!



Satin Wide-leg Trousers

The first time you see these pants, you might think they are just simple black pants. However, if you pay attention to the details, you will be amazed by them! There’s a twist on the thigh area which makes your thighs look much slimmer! We use satin finished fabric for the pants so that you can walk and shine at the same time. Put a pair of high heels on and walk with confidence in these pants!

You might have the hesitation to the size of these items, but don’t worry! We have adjusted the size, and they all perfectly fit Asian girls. If you like it, don’t miss it! Click “SHOP THE LOOK” below and start shopping! We shared about the Urban Series in this article, next post we are going to show you the items from Street and Delicate Series. Stay tuned!!

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